How to boost sales using SEO?

How to boost sales using SEO?

What many brands fail to realise is that there is more to SEO than just back linking and keyword optimisation, if you are strategic enough with your SEO, it not only helps you build a better brand, but helps you increase your sales. Here are a few steps you can follow to achieve sales through SEO

SEO is a crucial part of your Digital Strategy
SEO is not an add-on, but one of the most important elements of your digital strategy. It will be difficult to get desired results if you don’t make SEO as the core of your web development, content development and digital strategy.

Improve your digital efforts: Firstly, you should ensure that your content, SEO and social media strategies are all aligned to each other. Your sales research can help you identify the keywords which need to be targeted and thus make blog posts optimised accordingly. When all elements are combined, you can form a unified and better customer experience.

Commercial Intent Keywords
When planning and strategizing the keywords that you want to target, you should always keep in mind the user intent that follows with that keyword. Though people always want to rank for informational queries, it is also necessary to consider commercial intent and long-tail keywords. These are usually the phrases used by users who are more likely to convert.

You should carefully balance the keyword usage with usability, but at the same time not neglect your relevant keywords. Review the usage of keywords in page titles, URLs and metadata. Ultra-specific keywords usually give high conversions, as the competition is less and they reflect the user expectations also clearly.

Match Pages with the correct targeted Keywords
A lot of problems in implementing successful SEO strategies occur because of consfused keyword targeting. If you don’t target the keywords carefully, you tend to end up with your webpages competing with each other or with pages for wrong keywords. This leads to less conversations and increased bounce rates.

Tracking your Progress
You should regularly track your SEO in an accurate way to ensure that you are getting a measurable ROI from your SEO Activities. You should track multiple metrics simultaneously such as conversation rates, rankings, keywords in Google. Understanding your SEO Strategy and sales plan, help you analyse how well you are progressing. You should keep benchmarks to make sure you are able to reach your goals efficiently.

Plan Long Term
The entire SEO process is a long-term planning, and thus don’t focus on getting instant immediate results that you end up losing the long-term vision. Getting good results from SEO are a result on consistent work and improvements at every step.

Improvements in SEO imply having everyone involved, from designer to writers to developers, so that everyone can together ensure that they are working towards the goal of having a site with improved user-experience and high ranking potential in the search engines.

SEO is a good way to help you boost your sales online, and it’s more about the long term planning of how your brand is built online and perceived by the users

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