Online Marketing Tips for Start-ups

Online Marketing Tips for Start-ups

After having launched a Start-ups, the next daunting task for every entrepreneur is to spread the word about their brand to as many people as possible. With the progress in technology more and more people are relying on the digital media to search for the new upcoming things through search engines and social media feed.

Start-ups can you this to their advantage and promote their brand on digital platform, but even this can be a bit challenging as Start-ups don’t have to compete within their industry but also among the other industries who are using the same platform to grab the attention of the viewers.

Here are a few tips on Online Marketing that Start-ups can use to their advantage.


Today the most effective way to market your Start-ups or any brand, for that matter is through Social Media. It not only helps to grow your brand, but also becomes a platform for easy promotion and customer service opportunities.

  1. Consistency is a must: While social media is an efficient way to build a voice for your brand, you should always remember that there is an uninformed identity to your posts. While posting on a regular basis is good, over-posting and deviating from the message of the brand can have a negative impact.
  2. It is always about the customers: Usually brands use social media platforms only, for promotional purposes, which is good, but in long term planning will become a failed strategy as it doesn’t provide any value to the followers. You should either create or find and share information that your followers might want to see, and mix the promotional content with it.
  3. Engaging your audience: Social media is very effective to make your followers feel like valuable members of your brand. It allows you to easily interact with current and future customers. You can also use this medium to show the customer-service capabilities of the brand by approaching the complaints and not being afraid of social confrontation.

You can also have a few contests with giveaways or have Q/A sessions for improved interaction, you can ask interesting questions to your audience through creative graphics, convey information through infographics and lots more.

UCG (User Generated Content) is an excellent way to portray how the audience is engaged and associated with the brand.


Content always has been and always will be the king, but that is something that people undermine every now and then. While developing content there are a few things you should always consider – who are your existing customers?; what is your target market?; what is relevant to your industry?

You should develop a content strategy and then follow it consistently. It is not necessary to always talk about the product features and benefits, instead you can also highlight the users benefit in certain content. If the content is not clear and the messages aren’t structured then you will face problems in communicating with your target audience.

  1. Be a critical thinker: Content marketing is not a process of using random content and then analyzing what works for your brand. To effectively communicate with your audience, you should do some industry research and then brainstorm your unique selling proposition. You should keep your USPs as the focal point of your message. Rather than educating the customer about your features, you should sell them the benefits of your products/services.
  2. Be creative: Content doesn’t always mean putting up a write-up. Instead, you can have an animated video to explain the customers about your products. These videos effectively convey your product/service to potential customers. Putting graphics and infographics make it visually appealing and you are also able to convey the most important key points in a few words.
  3. Viral the content: A crucial step to effective content marketing is content promotion. Once you’ve produced a piece of content for your brand, you need to make that reach as many people as you possibly can. Using your social media profiles, emailing industry experts, promoting content in LinkedIn Groups and other online forums, can help your Start-ups gain traction.

Being a Start-ups, if you can minimize the marketing costs while making the most of the digital opportunities, you will be able to increase the brand visibility without having to set aside a large budget for marketing. Leveraging digital marketing and social media in the correct way can help grow the business immensely.

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